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Versions available for Joomla! 1.5 and 2x and now 3.1.1
Also compatible with Kunena 2.0 and Kunena 3.0

Note: nZambi eXtensions/Aaron Gilbert is not affiliated with the Kunena Project. The Kunena name and logo is used under a limited license granted by the Kunena Project, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

A Latest Posts module for use with Kunena Forum, created by nZambi eXtensions. Powered by MooTools and a compact script which is created on-the-fly to allow multiple modules to be loaded on a single page. Full control over the look of the module is achieved through back-end options and parameters...

Please note that, with the release of the 1.7.0 version, I will no longer be updating or adding features to the J!1.5 version.

Other options include:

  • Include individual Categories and/or forums
  • Exclude individual Categories and/or forums
  • Show only unanswered posts
  • Show or Hide Avatars
  • and more...

Change Log


Setup and Configuration

Most set-up options will be self explanatory. Hovering over the option labels will give you a ToolTip Hint as to what the option does. Some of the stuff on the Advanced Parameters tab, however, may need some explaining.

The MooTools options control the Transition Effects. The default is Sine.easeOut but feel free to play with these settings to get the feel you want for your site. The differences between some of the Transitions are subtle.

The Color Settings are probably pretty straight forward for you. The Border setting defaults to "no Border" and the main content area defaults to "transparent" if they are left blank. The sliders, however, need a fill and will default to Black if they are left blank. These options can be entered in Hex format ( #FFFFFF ) or simple english ( WHITE ).

The Sizes, found on the Advanced Parameters tab will take the most time to get right if you need to change the default settings. Keep in mind that the Number of Posts and the Large, Small and Normal Heights all work together. In the default state, we show 6 postsand the normal height for each item is 60px. When we hover over an item, all the others ( 5 in this case ) will shrink down to the Small height of 40px  (shrink by 20px). This means that the entire list is now 100px shorter than it was ( 5 x 20 = 100px). If we add this 100px to the original 60px, we can then enlarge the high-lighted item to 160px without changing the original height of the list!

Clear as mud? Good... now go have fun!

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 Change Log

UPDATED May 20 2013 ( v2.0)

  • Updated for compatibility with Kunena 3.0.0
  • Updated for compatibility with Joomla! 3.1.1/li>
  • Add code to ensure MooTools More is loaded
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Added Option to disallow subject, author and Date lines from wrapping

UPDATED Feb 9 2012 ( v2 Beta)

  • Version 2-Beta released for Kunena2.0
  • Minor Code/File clean up

UPDATED Feb 9 2012 ( v1.8.1)

  • More Admin Features
  • CSS fixes targeting WebKit
  • Minor Code/File clean up
  • js Clean up and slight optimization

UPDATED Feb 6 2012 ( v1.8)

  • Multiple Language fixes
  • Multiple CSS fixes
  • Experimental Fluid Layout support (pjbauer)
  • Improved Admin Interface

UPDATED Dec 29 2011 ( v1.7.1)

  • Fix Module Class Suffix over-sight.

UPDATED Sept 28 2011 ( v1.7.0)

  • Create new install package for Joomla! 1.7+
  • New version number to signify J! 1.7 dependency

UPDATED May 9 2011 ( v0.53)

  • UTF-8 support added to some string functions (Thanks to oc666)
  • Fixed missing class_suffix for J!1.6

UPDATED April 25 2011 ( v0.52)

  • MInor Language fixes (Thanks to oc666)
  • Fixed a couple HTML Validation errors (Thanks to oc666)

UPDATED Mar. 30 2011 ( v0.50)

  • Added Options to disable MooTools FX all together
  • Re-wrote javascript to function better under J!1.6 & MT1.3

UPDATED Mar. 19 2011 ( v0.44)

  • Added Options to disable MooTools Transitions
  • Added New Posts counter and indicator
  • Moved Style Sheet Calls to Template (better for overrides)

UPDATED Feb. 23 2011 ( v0.42)

  • Now Compatible with Joomla! 1.6
  • Update javascript to work with MT 1.3
  • Language fixes
  • CSS Clean Up

UPDATED Feb. 14 2011 ( v0.40)

  • CSS Clean Up
  • Improved BBCode handling
  • Strips out Video, Map and Attachment tags
  • Now Hides Spoilers and Text that should be Hidden to Guests


koze's Avatar
By- koze
22 Oct 2013 13:59
A question about a modification First of all thanks veeeery much about the module... It is by far the best latest module for kunena I want to try a small modification and I would like for help, like an advice of where to start My interest is to include an option at the backend to show...
sberry's Avatar
By- sberry
05 Sep 2013 10:23
Introducing zLatest Articles from nZambi Hi I've been trying to download zLatest Articles, but there seems to be a broken link on the web site. It reports that the file mod_zlatestarticles-0.3.zip could not be found on the server.
csgweb's Avatar
By- csgweb
03 Aug 2013 02:52
3.x Sorry, perhaps did not express myself properly. What I wonder is if I reinstall the module after updating Joomla 2.13 to 3.x if still work, simply.
Aaron's Avatar
By- Aaron
03 Jul 2013 17:35
GREAT!! Hi Joe. If you are comfortable with PHP and CSS you can modify the display of these items yourself... The CSS is found at ...modules/mod_zkunenalatest/assets/csszk_latest.css and is commented to help understand what the selectors do. If you would like to...
amit's Avatar
By- amit
03 Jul 2013 04:10
Not working with joomla 3.x Tell me when you are back, I will publish the module. Right now I have unpublished the modules.
Aaron's Avatar
By- Aaron
02 Jul 2013 21:46
Ticker problem with Joomla 3.x CLOSED as a probable duplicate of THIS post.
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