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Now avaliable for Kunena 2.0+

Note: nZambi eXtensions/Aaron Gilbert is not affiliated with the Kunena Project. The Kunena name and logo is used under a limited license granted by the Kunena Project, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

Another Module for Kunena Forum, created by nZambi eXtensions... Kunena Ticker! Display the latest posts from Kunena in a News Ticker format. A great number of options control what posts are shown. Not just another Latest Posts Module... something a bit different.

BASIC Features include:

  • Include individual Categories and/or forums
  • Exclude individual Categories and/or forums
  • Show only unanswered posts
  • Ticker pauses on Mouse-Over
  • Back-end styling options plus easy-edit CSS file
  • Optionally display poster's Avatar.
  • Many options controlling what posts are shown

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Updated June 25th 2013 vers. 2.2

  • Added support for Joomla! 3.1
  • Added no-wrap options to Subject, Time and Author Text
  • Added Height Param for fly out message

Updated Oct. 28th vers. 2.1

  • Added option to show Category
  • Added option to show a snip of the latest message
  • Added MooTools flyout animation for message snip
  • Some CSS fixes

Updated Oct. 2nd vers. 2.0

  • New Release for Kunena 2
  • Additional Filter Options

Updated Oct. 1st vers.1.7.4

  • Added check for MooTools more
  • Minor Admin changes

Updated May. 16th vers.1.7.3

  • Minor Language fixes
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Added option to reverse the direction of Vertical Ticker
  • Category Selector Bug found and squashed

Updated March 4th vers.1.7.2

  • Minor CSS fixes

Updated Jan. 16th vers.1.7.1

  • Minor Language fixes
  • Bug preventing the removal of "Powered By" text

Updated Oct. 4, 2011 vers.1.7.0

  • New Version number to reflect J!1.7 Dependency
  • Repackaged for Joomla! 1.7
  • Updated script for use with MT 1.3
  • Added option to High-Light most recent topic
  • Added control options for scrolling FX
  • Fixed bugs with loading multiple Modules on the same page

Updated Feb. 18th vers.0.26

  • Bug-Fix javascript Speed and Delay Settings

Updated Feb. 17th vers.0.25

  • CSS Changes to make for a more compact view
  • CSS Changes to try to override Template Bullets
  • Bug Fix- Selecting No for display of Date/Time now works as expected.

Updated Feb. 15th vers. 0.2

  • Various CSS changes
  • Added Parameters for Speed and Delay (thanks pyxle)

zKunena Ticker

  • koze's Avatar
    22 Oct 2013 13:59
    First of all thanks veeeery much about the module... It is by far the best latest module for kunena I want to try a small modification and I would like for help, like an advice of where to start My interest is to include an option at the backend...
  • sberry's Avatar
    Hi I've been trying to download zLatest Articles, but there seems to be a broken link on the web site. It reports that the file mod_zlatestarticles-0.3.zip could not be found on the server.
  • csgweb's Avatar
    03 Aug 2013 02:52
    Sorry, perhaps did not express myself properly. What I wonder is if I reinstall the module after updating Joomla 2.13 to 3.x if still work, simply.
  • Aaron's Avatar
    03 Jul 2013 17:35
    Hi Joe. If you are comfortable with PHP and CSS you can modify the display of these items yourself... The CSS is found at ...modules/mod_zkunenalatest/assets/csszk_latest.css and is commented to help understand what the selectors do. If you...
  • amit's Avatar
    03 Jul 2013 04:10
    Tell me when you are back, I will publish the module. Right now I have unpublished the modules.
  • Aaron's Avatar
    02 Jul 2013 21:46
    CLOSED as a probable duplicate of THIS post.
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